As the story has it, I woke up and found myself on the very opposite side of the globe – the flipside. I arrived February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d simply do a year, then leave. Years later and I’m still here. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, CEO of my own girls-only fitness company, Flipside Fitness, and CEO of my own boxing club, Korea's largest -- Hulk's Club, formerly known as Hulk's Boxing.

But now I'm back; back in Toronto, Canada. It's not a new chapter in the book of my life though, it's a whole new book I've started!!! I'm a whole new woman and I left Korea with Flipside Fitness on my brain, boxing in my bag, and my four-legged friend Balboa Button by my side.

Life is an adventure and this is my story of yesterday.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feast Time with Fabulous Friends

Dinner party at the Captain's!!!
This was the first time I've actually been to his house.
It was the first time he's cooked for me too but after tasting what he served us I insist that he be the designated chef for any future dinner parties.  Dang can this man cook up quite the delish feast!!!
I'm such a guy when it comes to food so they didn't have to ask me twice nor did they have to 
wait for me to grab a seat.  I sat myself right at the head of the table.
And together, surrounded by my beautiful friends, we feasted on the amazing meal prepared for us.

I Ate My Weight in Seafood Tonight... Sunday, February 19

With next weekend being my last weekend here in Canada till the summer and it being a much anticipated crazy, last-minute-packing kind of weekend, this weekend I met up with friends for a dinner party.

Surf and turf at Captain Bowtie's house... Sweet!!!

Side note:  I had no idea what the term "surf and turf" meant and had to ask someone.

Seven of us feasted at the Captain's house -- 5 Asians, 1 Peach and me the "Peasian".

I'm no longer just a Peach -- a European girl that's Polish/Austrain.  Nope.  I'm "honorary Asian" so I'm part peach, part Asian... Peasian.  I vouch that if Europeans are peach and Asians are yellow than I'd be Pellow but apparently they all agreed on Peasian.

I'm Peasian, not to mistaken as Persian.  Ok, bad joke.  Only I found that one funny, well me and I bet the Captain thought that was funny too... Hahaha.

Tonight's meal was nothing short of fabulous and impressive.  How the heck the Captain is still a single guy is beyond me because boy can that man cook.  I mean his cooking alone is enough to grab him and rush him down the isle.  I can't be the only girl whose way to her heart is through her stomach.  What woman doesn't love a man that can cook?!  Exactly.  

Next week I'll be leaving Canada and I thought of this as I sat on the couch after dinner, watching a movie with my friends.  I have some solid friends here in Canada, friends that I've known for a long time and will continue to know for a very long time.  They've always been super supportive of me and I'm super grateful for them.  Tonight they fed me and they've been giving me a warm home to sleep in this past month, until I leave, and when I return to Canada they'll be here with open arms, eager to hear my stories and supportive of what's next for me.  

I love my friends... just saying.  

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Down By the Lake

 Checked out the harbour front today in the gorgeous weather.
And with two awesome guys by my side it made for quite the fabulous day.
At Paws Way Balboa met so many new friends, both four-legged and two-legged, 
but he was all about the super sweet four-legged friends.
Mr. Balboa Button, not quite in the double digits yet with his weight.
He might be a super small dog but what he lacks in size he makes up for in heart!!!

Overdosing on Vitamin D... Saturday, February 18

The weather was freakishly beautiful today; it was in the teens.  This time last week I was freezing my Polish butt off and cringing at having to take the bus to church the next day and here I was watching a half naked girl jog down the street in the gorgeous sun.

I didn't think it was that warm today but whatever.  Power to her for getting in a jog.

With the beautiful sun shining bright and warming up the air, I headed down to the harbour front after having a sweet breakfast in Milton with family.  I've been feeling so out of it lately.  I don't know if it's the stress with my move to the Philippines, having to deal with Korea, or what but my energy has been brutally low and all I want to do is sleep.  I figured the fresh air though would do me good and the weather was too nice to sleep through it.

Went on a little sight-seeing walk today down by the harbour front and checked out Paws Way.

...but first a stop at the police marine.

I was introduced to a new friend today, a police officer who works at the Toronto marine division.  It was a "busy" day for him and for his coworkers there today so he couldn't talk long.  In the few minutes that I walked in and chatted with him though I somehow managed to make them all laugh at my expense, oh gosh.  I walked in and said "I'd like to report a crime...against him", and pointed to the guy beside me.  Honestly, it wasn't until later that I realized I had just told a handful of police that I was about to violate someone... Oh gosh.  That totally didn't come out the right way.

And on that note, I left and headed to Paws Way.

Paws Way is a pet place down on the harbour front that sells various pet products in a big building that also houses a little educational area for pet lovers/owners and a training area.  It's pretty big and it's pretty cool because they encourage you to bring your pet there.  There's always a lot of dogs there (and by "always" I mean the 2 out of the 2 times I've been there there were many dogs... Hahaha).  

Friday, February 17, 2017

Balboa "Working It" at Work

Balboa thinks that just because he goes to work he's all mature and sophisticated.
We all know he only goes there for the free cuddles and the pretty girls though. 
This is Balboa's girlfriend, his favourite of his two-legged girlfriends, Maryann.

Trying to NOT Make a Big Deal of Today... Friday, February 17

I lived in Korea for 11 years and every year when February 16th rolls around I am remembered that that's the day so long ago I first stepped on the plane and headed to Korea.  I left Canada on the 16th and landed on the 17th.

I'm definitely not the girl I once was so long ago, that bright-eyed, nieve young girl. 

Unlike years prior, I never acknowledged yesterday's importance or today's, well, minus the minor blurb here.  I mentioned it today in passing to someone and that was about it.  I want to stop acknowledging days like today.  It's a part of my old story.  I'm in a whole other story of my life, not a new chapter, a new story.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Work All Day but Play all Night

I had sparring right at the crack of dawn today.
Okay, so it was only at 7am but in my world that's super early.
Got in 7 solid rounds of sparring but before the start of the seventh round Queen Spar said, "why don't we do a cool down for this last round -- only body shots."  Only body shots for a cool down?!  I said okay but then I spent the rest of today feeling that "cool down".
I trained in the morning but didn't train in the evening.  Instead I took the night off because I was treated to a belated Valentine's Day celebration -- a gift and dinner.
I'm no longer keto but I can definitely appreciate and find the humour in my gift 
being wrapped in wrapping paper that looked like bacon.
 Headed out to a great little Filipino restaurant called Lamesa, on Queen Street.
 Dinner at Lamesa is always a for sure delish feast and the ultra sweet staff that prepare it and serve it only amplify the awesomeness of it.  Definitely a must go-to place for anyone liking Filipino food!!!

Making a Bloody Scene... Thursday, February 16

The lady nudged me on the subway and whispered, "I think you dropped something."

Yes, I had indeed dropped something, somethings actually -- drops of blood.  And with no tissue you in hand and nothing but my own hand and the sleeve of my jacket, I really didn't have anything to stop it, so I pinched my nose and leaned my head forward.  The blood dripped down my hand and down my arm, into the sleeve of my sweater.

"Way to keep it classy", I thought to myself.

This wouldn't be the first nose bleed I'd have, nope.  I had another one too, while waiting in line at a coffee shop.  I had sparring today but that wasn't the cause of my bloody nose, the dry winter weather was.

I've been selling a lot of things on Kijiji not just my stuff but other things for friends and today I rushed home after sparring to shower and then head out the door to meet up with a buyer downtown.  Ended up having to text this particular buyer to tell them I'd be late.  "I have a bloody nose and need to get tissue", I told him.  Popped into the bathroom at Union Station and then continued on my route to meet up with him.  I had grabbed a tissue to wipe down my arm and my nose but I guess in doing so using a mirror would have done wonders for actually cleaning myself up.  Showed up with some blood smeared across my face.

There was always that look of disbelief and "I don't know how to respond to that" look in people's face whenever I told someone in Korea I was a boxer.  Here in Canada it's different though but today the look on that buyer's face when I told him I was a boxer was the same look I had got for years in Korea.  Turns out it was because of the streak of blood that stretched from my jawline to the top of my nose that sparked that look.  I had worn that streak of blood on my face like it was war paint for a good twenty minutes, great.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An Old Picture but a New One for Me

Goggled myself today and came across some pictures of myself from the article 10Magazine did on me.  They did a feature on us so they took a whack of photos of us for the magazine's cover and for the two page spread on us.  

I don't recall ever seeing this picture.

The look on Snickers' face vs mine says it all.  We were in the process of renovating for the opening of Hulk's Boxing.  It was absolutely exhausting and you can see that in his face but I was on cloud nine, so happy and so pumped about my dream coming true.

Preparing to Launch... Wednesday, February 15

I'm definitely putting "it" out there, out into the universe... 

"It" refers to my Second Dream.

I sat down today and slaved away at securing different social media links -- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email address, and domain name.  Before I leave for the Philippines the plan is to launch the website for my Second Dream thus revealing the actual name of it for all to see.  

A part of me is nervous to reveal my next company's name, the name of my Second Dream.  I know copy cats exist but I also know that copy cats can't duplicate the passion and love I have for what I'm about to launch.  I've put countless time and effort into this.

This is my Second Dream but if Flipside Fitness was the stepping stone to Hulk's Boxing and Hulk's Boxing was the stepping stone to Hulk's Club, than Hulk's Club is the stepping stone to this, to my Second Dream.  It's almost as if I've gone full circle actually; it's Flipside Fitness but on the same magnitude as Hulk's Club but done with no business partners.  It's just me, myself and I.   

Tomorrow I'm going to get a sweater printed with my new company's name on it, the name of my Second Dream, and I'm super giddy just thinking about it.  I'm curious who will comment on it first.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Carbs, Cuddles and Coffee... and Chocolate

Lots of VDay hugs and kisses for Mr. Balboa Button... love, love, LOVE this boy!!!
I'm convinced he sleeps on my back not because he wants the warmth from my body but instead because it means I'm pinned down on the couch and thus can't get up to kiss him more.
My kisses exhaust him... maybe. 
I didn't really do anything for Valentine's Day... except cash in on some carb-splurging that is. 
Hello ice cream and chocolate.  The extent to indulging in this was sharing half an ice cream.  
Oh, and I got flowers... very pretty!!!

One "Not Cancelled -- Postponed" VDay... Tuesday, February 14

I overhype the holidays, I know, and this totally sets me up for disappointment, I know this too. Regardless, I did it for Valentine's Day, for today, just like I did it for Christmas and for my birthday. 

I had dinner plans for tonight but plans got canceled because a certain someone had a close-to-impossible deadline for a work project that wasn't originally his and the deadline is tomorrow morning, 9am.  Not cool but what can you do.

"Not canceled," I was told, "just postponed".

A holiday isn't a holiday unless it's celebrated on the actual date.  I say that but the actuality of it all is that I'll take a late holiday celebration over a forgotten, a missed and an ignored holiday.  I spent eleven years in Korea trying to get those around me to care about the holidays and most of those years were spent trying to get Snickers to celebrate them.  It really took the joy out of the holidays.

I feel like here I should stop this chattering about having my Valentine's Day postponed and should remind myself that I'm blessed just being wished a Happy Valentine's Day.  I had been unexpectedly treated to ice cream, chocolate, flowers and pizza.  They didn't know what kind of ice cream I liked so they bought me two tubs of it, they had bought my favourite chocolate and a bouquet of flowers they know I'd like, and pizza has turned into a kind of go-to cheat meal for me.  Not only had I received gifts but I had received gifts that the given knew I would like.  Now that's something... that's something special.  

In the past I had always bought my own holiday gifts.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Taking More than Just a Crack at Cracking It

 Tonight we tried to bust open that silly safe.
We had a toolbox full of tools.
We even had a crowbar from my dad's place.
But despite the amount of tools, effort, strength, and persistence,
that silly safe just did not crack open.

The Safe is TOO Safe... Monday, February 13

I remember waking up one day, back in my university days, and realizing that I had forgotten the combination to my safe.  I was a full time university student at the time but I was also working as a full time bartender at a club so there was just a much money flowing out of my pocket as there was money flowing in.  I got paid in tips so every time I worked I got paid so I bought a safe.  It was just easier to keep it on hand than to always go to the bank.

I remember that day I woke up and realized I had forgotten the combo.  The safe had both a key lock and a numeric combination lock.  I've since lost the keys to the key lock so I'm out of luck for both locks.  I never got rid of my safe, instead it's lingered at my parents' house where it's sat on my bedroom closet floor for the past 13 years.  Yesterday I paid a lock smith to come to the condo around 11pm and give me an estimate as to how much it'll cost to crack it open.

$250... $200 was his best offer.  I was expecting it to be $100 and wasn't willing to pay any more than that.  I don't even remember what's in it to tell you the truth but I do have my assumptions -- cash, alcohol, and/or panties.  Yes, I said panties as in underwear.  I had a jealous boyfriend at the time and he often made issues about what I was wearing so I hid my underwear.  Assuming cash is in there goes hand-in-hand with why I bought the safe in the first place.  And as for alcohol, I don't really drink but always had small bottles of it on hand just in case friends came over and they wanted to hang out before we hit the town.  It was for them, not me.

There's definitely alcohol in that safe, and now it's broken alcohol bottles.

Picked up the safe at the storage unit and took a crowbar to it... And a screwdriver, a few of them actually, a hammer, and even a drill.  No such luck though.  That safe, as cheap of a safe as some may say it is, isn't going to so easily crack.  I stood on top of it so that it wouldn't flip over or move while a full grown man shimmied that crowbar into the corner of the safe door and then put all his weight on it to pry it open.  It didn't budge.  Wow, impressive but so incredibly frustrating.

The mission continues.  At this point we definitely have to open it.  I've got friends offering advice on how to do it, others curiously awaiting to find out what's in this mystery safe, and I even have the professionals in on this.  This safe will be cracked open before I leave for the Philippines, mark my words!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Birthday Love and Love Letters

My dad was one super duper happy birthday boy, enjoying dinner out tonight.  
We arranged to have the waitresses sing Happy Birthday to him and they treated 
him to the biggest piece of strawberry pie that I've ever laid my eyes on... woozers!
I was guilty of indulging in a bit too... just a bit.
I had to help a certain someone finish their coconut cream pie.
Before I headed back to Toronto I stumbled across this in my room.
It's a little suitcase packed with letters, many of which are love letters from boys back in the day.
And so, for your amusement, here's one of them.
Such sweet things for the meathead-of-a-guy who wrote this to me, wow.

Birthday Love for Papa Bere... Sunday, February 12

As I sat across the dining table from my dad, Papa Bere, and listened to him giggling away with Skittles, I smiled and took in the whole moment, wanting to pause it so that I could press play to resume it whenever I was feeling down.  My dad had cracked numerous silly jokes and had just said a  ridiculous one that he had faltered on but that I had caught.  Skittles didn't understand it which only made it funnier for me because I thought maybe our humour is a Polish thing.

It was my dad's birthday today so we drove out to treat him to dinner.  He wanted to eat at Teddy's Restaurant, a family owned diner in the next city, a place my family had gone there for years together after Sunday church service.  Teddy's and Swiss Chalet, the only two restaurants my family ever went to after church and often also for family birthdays.

Skittles said he loved the place to which I responded by rolling my eyes.  I'm not really a fan of Teddy's.  I go there more so because of the sentimental value it has to me -- all the memories I shared with my family here and the staff that had come to embrace us as much loved regulars.

The last time I was there I was joined with my dad and my oldest brother and his family of five.  Before that time though, the last time I had been was with my whole family -- my dad, my mom, my two brothers and my oldest brother's family.  I think Snickers may have been with us too actually.  I remember we had occupied not one but two booths and we were the biggest party in the restaurant.  The waitresses all came over to chat with us and we stayed there quite long in comparison to other times.

Today it was just my father, Skittles and myself.  Just the three of us.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Always Something Happening in Toronto

On route to training today, a band broke out with some cool tunes on the subway.
As they played, a guy who was with them handed out a flyer for a new company.
The company is a collection of various trade people in the city, ranging from handy men to musical performers.
One of the performers accompanying them was an artist, sketching random 
people sitting on the subway.  I tried to catch a quick picture of her in action.

Leaving the City and the Country... Saturday, February 11

At exactly 1:14am today my ticket to the Philippines was bought.

I leave February 28th.

My cash flow in has officially stopped till I return;, I return in June, and my cash flow now only flows in one direction, out.  It's going to continue in this one direction till I return and resume training clients.  One of my clients has paid me in advance so I know for a fact I have her to return to.

It's a bit nerve-racking, very nerve-racking to say the least, and things are really picking up with my personal training and whatnot but I know once I return and launch my Second Dream I may never have the chance to cash in on this amazing opportunity.

I don't want to have any regrets so I'm moving to the Philippines for three months.  

In a little over two weeks, just barely, I'll be leaving Canada and returning to Asia but this time it'll be one my terms and to focus just on me and my training.  The plan is to visit Korea, grab my stuff and tie up loose ends there but a date for that hasn't been made so obviously a ticket hasn't been bought either.  Sometimes I question whether or not I should even go there.  Do I really need closure?!  I know I should go though.  It's the right thing to do plus I really want to see Pacquiao and Pyen Chi again and I want to see the second location of our boxing club.  I anticipate that visit not to be one of could haves, should haves and would haves -- regrets and questioning whether I should have stayed, but one that will only reassure me and reiterate that me leaving was what I needed to do.

I spent a good chunk of the last year and a half in Korea hoping and wishing for things to change, begging for Snickers to change.  But people don't change, they reveal themselves, and no one was going to rescue me except for me because no one really knew what I was going through.  It wasn't their job either, it was mine.  It took a lot of guts on my behalf to mustard up the courage to be the hero in my own story and now, returning to Korea, it isn't about me wanting closure or playing with any "what ifs" but instead it's me standing up for myself in front of them and telling them that it's over, this is where we part ways.  This is their end in my story..  I've exited myself out of their story and I've started a whole new story without them.  Sure I'll thank them in the fine print dedications, thank them for helping me grow thick skin and for bringing my Polish stubborness to an all time embarrassingly high height, but that's pretty much the extent to which they'll get credit for my story, my new life.  And by "them" I mean a certain someone and their family, in all it's "dysfunctioness".

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hangry Pains in the City

 Was treating out today to this adorable little bakery, 
"the place diets go to die" as I had called it.
Delicious, delicious bread... oh how I do love you!!!
Unfortunately my hangry pains got the best of me and I wasn't loving 
being out in public so I brought myself back home and ate alone. 
Later in the evening, after getting stuck in traffic because of the snow 
and thus risking another hangry outbreak, I ventured out for more food.
Sushi, because food always makes me happy.
I'm such a guy.  Food is the way to my heart.

Warning, Hangry Girl on the Loose... Friday, February 10

I must apologize for anything I may say or do when I'm hangry... Wow.

I thought I was okay when noon had rolled around and I hadn't yet eaten.  I had gone to bed around 4:30am this morning and woke up around 10am so I had only been up for two hours.  I had gone to bed with a belly full of eggs and veggies, thanks to a late night Western omelette I was treated to, so I thought that would keep me for a bit.


Headed into a coffee shop in the Distillery District to do some work.  I had a bowl of chilli in a takeout container with some bread and then I ordered a coffee.  There I stood, super hungry but not sure if I could eat my outside food in the shop, looking for a seat.  The lack of seats and the noise of the place mixed with me being so dash hungry only amplified my growing impatience and eagerness to eat which consequently made me super figitty, wanting to rip open my brown bagged chilli and inhale it in one breath.  So I left.

I get hangry but today it was bad.  I would have sling-shot a spoonful of chilli if I thought it'd score me a seat and a piece of quietness.  

Thursday, February 09, 2017

One Busy Day for Me in the City

 It was a cold, crisp day in the TDot and it was a super busy one for me too.
 But thanks to the super smiley hipster dudes at Pilot Coffee, I scored a super delish caffiene fix to jump start my day.  It was accompanied with a silly joke and a heart on top, nice.
 It's kind of hard living without Balboa, I will admit it, and it's especially hard when I see everyone else with their four-legged friends running around Toronto.  Today Balboa went to work so I scored a cute picture of him "working" hard.
I saw him briefly today.  In between doing my laundry and meeting with a Kijiji buyer, I made a quick snack and enjoyed it with him beside me.

My snack, I call it the Pick-Me-Up-Protein-Quickie.  

Peanut butter always makes me happy so I figured after a super busy day, a day that was no where close to ending when I stopped for this snack, I'd mix peanut butter with some "stuff" for a quick snack.  In a blender, I mixed natural peanut butter, natural almond butter with banana flavoured protein powder.  I then spread it on a piece of whole wheat Ezekiel and topped it off with a light drizzle of honey... holy delish!!!

Good Thing I Don't Have a "Job"... Thursday, February 9

Today's Schedule...
10:00am.... Union Station -- shuttle bus for my client
10:30am.... Pilot Coffeee -- much needed caffeine before coaching
11:10am.... Lakeshore Condo -- personal training
1:00pm...... Eaton Centre -- give my business proposal questionnaire to a friend
1:20pm...... College Park Winner's -- buy a light jacket
1:50pm...... Sobey's -- pick up something to eat on the go
2:00pm...... Captain Bowtie's Office -- friendly espresso time and pics for Kijiji ad
4:15pm...... Dr. Mobo's Office -- check-up and shots for the Philippines
5:20pm...... Distillery District Home -- drop off my bag and pick up my training gear
5:40pm...... Downtown Condo -- start my laundry and have a brief break with Balboa
6:00pm...... Self Storage -- pick up stuff I sold today
7:00pm...... Downtown Condo -- meet with Kijiji buyer and throw in next load of laundry
9:00pm...... College Park Winner's -- exchange jacket for a different size
9:30pm...... System Fitness -- weight training
11:00pm.... Snakes & Lattes -- business proposal work time
1:00am...... Golden Griddle -- discussion regarding Philippines' plane ticket
2:30am..... Distillery District Home -- post Kijiji ads and continue on business proposal

I woke up at 8:30am today and went to bed around 4:30am.  It was 20 hour day, a make up day of pure productivity after yesterday's lack of progress and work, and it had me running around the city to roughly 14 different places.  

I felt great and I felt mentally and physically refuelled despite the lack of fuel I had eaten today.  I had left my house around 9:50am, thinking I'd be back around 1pm, but it wasn't until 5:20pm that I actually returned.  And even then, when I did return, it was only to drop off my stuff and pick up my gear.  It was but a mere pit stop, not a break, so my go-go-go day continued.  It wasn't until after 2am that I returned home but even then it was only to continue working.  I crashed around 4:30am.  

But I felt on fire.  Consequently I got in a solid leg workout.

I know I killed it on legs with weight training when I end the training session feeling like I want to puke. Sumo squats, leg extensions, squat presses, hamstring curls... You name it, I killed it.  Cranked out four sets on the leg press and maxed it out by pressing the entire weight stack plus an added weight plate I attached.  

"Bro... I squat!"  Ain't that the truth and the truth is in my tush.  

"Round like your mama's summer watermelon."  Now that's round!!!

Tonight's training was fuelled by the fact that I had accidentally drank someone else's coffee -- a coffee that had 2 sugars in it and I can't even remember the last time I had sugar -- had a "5 hour" energy shot and felt pressured to go extra hard because I hadn't trained last night with the weights. 

Ended up incorporating a whole other set of exercises due to me wanting to avoid a certain someone who pretty much arrived at the gym no sooner had I started training -- Creepy Old Man.  The other day my pastor, Tony The Tiger, told someone that he viewed me as a daughter and, well, I saw that come out tonight when that certain someone walked into sight while I stood talking to The Tiger.  I put my arm around The Tiger, turned him towards the change room, and walked away with him.  He looked as if he was going to punch Creepy Old Man; he definitely wasn't impressed.  

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Ready, Set, Spar!

 The pre sparring pic and post sparring pic... before the beats were given out and taken, before we got gym nasty sweaty and super smelly.
And the Instagram edited pic I posted, along with what I wrote for it...
We didn't come here to look pretty. At 7am that's not even on the mind nor is the mind fully awake for that matter. We came here to train hard. Seven rounds of boxing today and this pic was snapped just as we got out of the ring and tossed our head gear off. Looking rough for the camera, sure, but getting tougher in the ring and that's all that matters. Love my morning sparring!

Feeling so "Blah" Today... Wednesday, February 8

By the time 8am had rolled around and most of my friends were just rolling out of bed, I was heading out the door of Cabbagetown Boxing.  Seven rounds of sparring done.  Mind you, as productive as that makes me sound, that was pretty much the extent of my productivity today.

Spent a good chunk of my day dealing with potential buyers for various things I'm selling on Kijji for other people.  Worked on my business proposal, responded to various work emails and updated my homepage.  All things that kept me inside, cozy and warm under my blanket.

I had left the house for sparring and then to go see Balboa before weight training but weight training never happened.  I curled up on that big, oversized leather couch in the posh condo where Balboa is staying and I was out like a light.

I'm not living in Cabbagetown anymore and I'm not living with Balboa either, and I'm missing both but am grateful to those who are helping me out.  I'm living in the Distillery District with two friends from university and Balboa is living down by the CN Tower and Rogers Centre with Skittles who has so graciously agreed to not only house and look after Balboa but who has also decided to take Balboa to work with him every so often.  So Balboa has a job and I have some piece and quiet.  I miss waking up to Balboa, having him by my side, and coming home to him.  He's coming to the Philippines with me though so that's super exciting.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

I Miss My Babies

 This use to be how I started my day.  
I'd have to fight my way out from under the blankets and all the legs piled on me.
With 3 four-legged babies on my bed, you'd have no idea that bed was a queen size.
Pyen Chi often joined me in the club but she was picky with who she let warm up to her
so she kept to hanging out with me while I trained and lounging behind the juice bar. 
Pac was never allowed to be in the club when members were present but he 
scored a lot of play time with me both in the morning and after club hours.
I love this picture of him and me; it's my favourite.  
We were always both so happy together, so smiley.
Pac was my shadow, never letting me out of his sight.
Pacquiao, Pyen Chi and Balboa... my beautiful babies.  I love them so much.