As the story has it, I woke up and found myself on the very opposite side of the globe – the flipside. I arrived February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d simply do a year, then leave. Years later and I’m still here. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, group leader for my own girls-only fitness company, Flipside Fitness. And now I run my own boxing club, Korea's largest -- Hulk's Club!!!

Life on the flipside is nothing like I ever thought it would be…!!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Breakdown of My Week and the Craziness of It All

I typed up my schedule today, to see where and how I spend my time.
I coach my Flipside Fitness bootcamps, Team Blue and then a gym full of female clients.
The grey represents when I'm commuting to and from the various places.
The green represents my training time -- running, boxing, weight training, and hill sprints.
During the big gaps of time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I'm usually at the public library.
"Espresso" is my scheduled coffee time at Starbucks, before training.
And honestly, up until typing this up, I wasn't really taking a day off training... my bad, I know.

This isn't a set schedule but it's more or less what I'm trying to stick to now.
Sparring for Team Blue (coaching for me) will be added to my Saturdays next week. 
Me studying while managing the gym -- studying for my personal training.
I seem to always be wanting to shove facts and info into my head, woozers.

My Story for the Toronto Public Library... Tuesday, September 25

The other week I did a photo shoot for the Toronto Public Library, a project they were working on that showcased various Torontonians who used their facilities and services.  I was honoured to be asked to be one of them, to be a "Torontonian" showcased, but I've been so delinquent in writing my story for them.  Here's the draft I finally submitted.  I think it needs some work -- it's too wordy and too much about my lead-up to how and why I'm at the library.  None the less, it's what I submitted to them.  I attached a note telling them I could totally revise it, chop it down and chop it up if they wanted me to, so let's see what becomes of it.  Here's what I submitted though, enjoy.

My Story of the Toronto Public Library and Me

Originally from Toronto, Canada, as soon as I graduated from York University I left Canada and headed to Korea with the hopes of living overseas for a year, to expand upon my university studies of the Korean culture and really expand myself. However, one year turned into two, then two turned into three, and then next thing I knew it she was on year eleven.

I started off as one of many ESL teachers living in Cheonan, South Korea, a small city about an hour south of Seoul. I worked during the day and boxed at night for exercise. The boxing club I was a member of quickly became like a second home to me and my boxing soon became a huge passion and top priority. I think it was when I turned professional with my boxing in Korea though that life for me really began. I didn’t really fit in in Korea to start off with and my boxing made me stick out even more but because of that doors started to open, opportunities started to present themselves, and through my boxing I started a female-only fitness social club, Flipside Fitness. The success of this club, which was really an additional side hobby for me, then launched me into a whole new world -- the wonderful world of entrepreneurship and business. In 2013, because of the success of Flipside Fitness, I then opened up my own boxing club, Hulk's Boxing (now known as Hulk's Club), and at 11,000 square feet it's the largest club in Korea. It was wild, being a female in a foreign country, in a male-dominated society and in a male-dominated sport, but it wasn’t enough for me. I had reached my potential in Korea and had missed out too much on the lives of close friends and family in Canada. So I came back. Now I’m starting all over again from the bottom up in Toronto, Canada, and it’s as exciting as it is scary. I’m optimistic about what's next but now I face a whole new struggle -- reverse culture and wanting to start a business in what has become a foreign land to me. And that's where the Toronto library comes in and plays a vital life line role in my new life.

I’m a budding entrepreneur but I’m still a professional athlete so I juggle between training and studying for my next big dream, my “Second Dream” as I call it. I train twice a day, six days a week, and when I’m not training I’m either eating, sleeping or at the library. I’m always at the Toronto Reference Library, researching Canadian business or using their computers to email my business partner and sponsors in Korea or responding to international boxing fan mail. My favourite floor is the third floor, that's where all the business books with how to write the perfect business proposal and whatnot can be found. I know I could get the library to order books in for me so that I can sign them out and read at home but I favor studying at the library. It’s a lonely life -- the life of a professional athlete -- and the library is a very comforting place for me. It’s no longer that cold, quiet place I used to be forced to go to for school assignments but instead has evolved into this happening place where I can use a computer, watch a bit of the news on TV, and even enjoy a coffee at. Love, love, LOVE the fact I can enjoy a coffee here on the first floor; it helps me get a jump start on my studying. Moreover, studying at the library gets me out of bed on those days when the training from the night before at the gym or boxing club was extra rough and has left me with sore muscles and aching bones.

Monday, September 26, 2016

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y got My Hair Did

After almost four months of being delinquent with getting my hair done, I finally was able to
make the trek out to Whitby to get my hair cut and dyed.
 Looking fresh and feeling fabulous, I then made the trek back to Toronto.

 Now to maintain this and not let another four months go by before I get it done again!!!
I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook after getting into a chat with some dude waiting at the Go Train station for the same train I was taking.  He had asked me what my job was.  I told him I was a pro boxer and he responded by saying I was "too pretty to be a boxer".  That's my pet peeve, people who make it sound as if being ugly is a prerequisite for being a fighter.  I've yet to meet a physically ugly fighter and, come to think of it, my top four picks for the prettiest women here in Canada are ALL fighters.

Now to Figure Out How to Tell Everyone... Monday, September 24

Another new week and already it's becoming loaded with newness -- a new church, new hair cut/dye job, and even a new roommate is coming.

Another new thing is my decision to go back to Korea.
I haven't really told anyone about it, about my decision to go, because it was just decided upon late last night.  I have to stay in Canada until November 30th for Team Blue's fights at Masonic Temple but then I really don't have anything in my schedule that I have to necessarily be here for.  I have my coaching gigs that are ongoing but I'm sure I can put that on hold or figure something out.  I'm not going back for good, gosh no, but instead am simply going back for a visit. 

The hope is to tough it out for 2-3 weeks, "celebrate" Christmas there, and then return to Canada.

Snickers wants me to sell all my stuff, get rid of my apartment and fold up Flipside Fitness here to come back but he's living in a fantasy world if he thinks that will actually go down.  I don't think he remembers how bad things got when I was there.  He seems to have forgotten all the bad times and all the extenuating circumstances and issues that made life for me there hard -- life with him and his family, life with the lack of my family and my close friends. 
I almost lost myself in Korea and I don't think he realizes that or wants to really acknowledge it.  He thinks time heals all wounds and it does but it doesn't mean that the scars left behind don't serve to remind you to not do things again.  I can't do life in Korea again.  My wounds haven't yet scarred over.  I told him I could agree to a visit but nothing lengthy.  I have a part time job, Flipside Fitness, and an apartment here that I have responsibility and commitments with.  I've started to make a life for myself here and I'm not about to give it up for the promise of something back in Korea, something that I think is all fluff and no substance -- a fantasy. 

I live in the real.  Canada is real to me.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Full Day of Training, Church, Eating, and Gorgeous Glass Flowers.

Good morning beautiful Toronto!!!
I hit the hills at Riverdale for some hill training, nice and early before church and before my body could figure out what the heck I was putting it through.
I had put an open invite to my Team Blue, telling them they could join me for hill sprints.
One of my fighters showed up.  I put her through some tough training and she pushed herself through it so I was a proud coach watching her train.  I'll always have mad props for anyone who puts in the effort to better themselves.
This upcoming week my roommate, the Jamaican Beauty, moves out and a new roomie will be moving in.  I'm going to miss waking in on Balboa and her bonding like this... too cute!
Attended my friend's church today and their youth choir, Chosen Generation, performed.
Correction, they made everyone jump out of their seats with excitement and get goose bumps!!!
See the big guy behind the pulpit, that's my buddy from System.  He's pretty awesome.
During the song service I snapped this picture.  It's of a 92 year old man who decided he wanted to dance with the pretty lady in the next pew.  I thought it was such a beautiful moment so I had to snap a pic.
Look who's feeling good and looking good -- the Captain!!!
He picked me up from church today and together we went out for lunch.
Breakfast foods for lunch?! Ummm... of course!
I tried to steer away from eating those hashbrowns and instead eat his salad but I ended up eating both.  Yes, it's true.  I ate enough for a small country.
Lunch out was followed by a visit to the R.O.M. to see the Chihuly exhibit -- blown glass.
This picture doesn't do any justice to the awesomeness of those glass blown balls that were massive and so pretty.  Actually, none of the following pictures do the artwork justice.  Go check it out!!!
Click HERE for the link to first check it out online.
Simply gorgeous!!!
I could probably sit in one of these, they were that big.  They're so pretty.
If you're in Toronto, I totally recommend to go see this exhibit.
I know I'm on repeat here with saying this but it's just so pretty to see in person!

Massive and... you know what I'm going to say here... so beautiful!
The kid in me wanted to touch everything but I wasn't allowed to.
This was the closest I got to touching any of the amazingly beautiful exhibit displays.
This was my favourite piece of them all.  It was this a multitude of massive flowers that you walked under and the way that the light hit them all different just amplified their colours and amazing detail. It was the prettiest thing I remember seeing in a long time...and of course I wanted to touch them too but wasn't allowed.  Gorgeous!

I'm Looking to Leave... Sunday, September 25

I’m thinking about changing churches.  It’s something that I’ve been pondering for about a month now because of something that happened.  It wasn't a big something but it was kind of something that made me better realize something was missing and it made me better pin point what that missing thing was.  I do really like my current church.  Everyone is super friendly to me, they have numerous events, I like the guest speakers they bring in and even have my favourite, and it's a small, intimate congregation but something is lacking for me.  Today I realized what it was -- a year of being at my current church and I still feel like an outsider among those my age. I know many of the members have been attending for years and many of the young people grew up going there but I haven’t and I kind of feel that I have to compete with that when it comes to being included.

I’m not one of them.  There is them and then there is me. I’m that girl that comes alone, sits alone at the end of the pew, and then leaves alone.  I mingle after church but it's not until the next Sunday when I see them again that any socializing really happens and I know I'm partly to blame but I more or less gave up doing so some time ago.

I feel like my church situation in Korea is repeating itself here except they all speak English to me.

I gave it a year, I think that’s a fair run.

Today I attended my buddy Mr.T’s church.  I know him from System Fitness.  Today was the second time I’ve attended actually,  the first time was for Mother’s Day when I came with my dad.  They had their youth choir perform and it was so awesome, really great.  The last time I was there they had a men’s choir sing and it made me get emotional because the song seemed to be written specifically about my mom.  Today their youth choir, called Chosen Generation, gave me serious goose bumps.  My friend, Mr.T, gave the sermon today and it was pretty great to see him in this role, doing what he loves and sharing the word.  He’s like that at System though and by that I mean he’s always sharing encouragement and telling people God’s blessed him and whatnot.  He packs so much positivity in him, it’s so amazing because he once hit a bad bottom.  He’s always telling people he should be dead by now and, after listening to some of his stories, I know he’s right.  He is blessed, God did a miracle on him, and that’s the only way to explain why he’s alive.

The service was beautiful today, it was the other time that I came too, but it was different for me this time because I had came alone.  Some ladies recognized me from my first visit while others introduced themselves and gave me hugs.  They’re just such a beautiful cluster of friendly, happy people and I left the service feeling so refreshed and full of fresh energy. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Food and Lake, Sounds like my Kind of Day

He's back!!! The Captain is out of the hospital and well on his road to recovery.  This was the first time I've seen him outside of the hospital since he got sick and he's about 20lbs smaller, woozers!!!
Ah the lake.  It doesn't look like much but the lake is one of my favourite places and friends know that if they want to get me out of the house than take me to the lake.

Busy to Scrambled Rambling... Saturday, September 24

Saturdays for me now kick off at 6:30am.  So much for sleeping in because it's the weekend.  Fridays and Saturdays are the roughest days of my week which, for everyone else, is ironically usually the lightest of days. 

I wanted to fly through the day, just get through it, so that I could show up and get in my training at System Fitness.  That was my focus of today, training.  Instead, in between waking up and getting to System (and even after it too) life happened.  Things always come up and today was no different. 

How today went down...

6:30am    Wake up.
7:30am    Eat breakfast on the go as I walk to coaching.
8:00am    Open up the female-only club -- finish work at 1pm.
1:00pm    Lunch with Captain Bowtie.
2:30pm    Study at the Toronto Reference Library.
5:30pm    Boxing and weight training at System Fitness.
7:30pm    Arrive home to walk Balboa, update homepage, answer fan mail.
9:00pm    Deal with a phone call from Korea.
10:00pm  Head down to the lake with the Golden Nugget.
1:00am    Arrive home, walk Balboa and then crash for the night.

I met a new friend at System today.  He's a Korean dude in his early 30's and he's so white-washed but he did appreciate my choice of Korean music that I blasted as we trained in the spinning room together.  He's from Seoul -- every Korean says they're from Seoul.  I blasted old school beats like DJ DOC and we chatted a bit in Korean.  Nice guy.  He had brought with him an agility ladder and that's a piece of training equipment that I've been wanting to get my hands on for some time.  It's such a good item for any boxer to add to their gym bag for training, seriously.  I want to pick up one or two to use with Team Blue at training. 

I may not be in Korea any more but dang do the Koreans seem to find their way to me, the Asians in general that is.  I had a PT this morning who is Asian, had lunch with an Asian (Captain Bowtie), got help at the library from an Asian, trained at System with an Asian, got a phone call from an Asian is Asia, and then went to the lake with another Asian (the Golden Nugget).  Oh and my dog is Asian, Balboa.  God bless the Asians, they're every where and I love them.

And on that note, my homepage entry totally took a stumble with the direction it was going so I'm outta here.  Fist bumps, kudos and karma to you for reading this.

Friday, September 23, 2016

From Ghetto to Fabulous

Started my day off on such a ghetto note -- carrying my oatmeal pancake in my bare hands as opposed to using a Ziplock bag.  I didn't buy any.  It was either more eggs or a box of them.  The eggs won.
I've been waiting a long time to buy new sneakers.
Korea said they'd send me some but they still haven't.
 Love, love, LOVE them!!!
And despite my ghetto start to today, I ended on a high note -- eating a stirfry that had steak in it.  Nice.

A Pocketful of Sunshine... Friday, September 23

I got my first chunky paycheck today – a paycheck for the past 2 weeks of coaching at the female-only club.  I get paid in cash so I felt so damn rich walking out of the gym with that much money in my bag.  I know it’s not much to the average worker but I’m a starving athlete and I’ve been so starving that on some days I steal apples and milk from Food Basics, it’s true.  The money I get from Korea pays for my rent, my TTC monthly and leaves me with about enough loose change to get a Starbucks coffee.  I used to pick up random other jobs, like extra work in commercials and personal training for cash to cover my groceries but it’s so infrequent so I hold on to my money and only spend it on necessities.  But there it was today, a chunk of cash in my hands.  I folded the load and stuffed it into my pocket.  And with a pocket full of cash, I headed out to get stuff that I needed but hadn’t the money to buy.

My list of things I need/really want to buy with this paycheck:
new running shoes
new collar for Balboa
hair appointment – dye and cut
lip gloss
nail polish
liquid eyeliner
new high heel shoes
agility ladder
facial lotion

I’m desperately needing two pairs of shoes – runners for when I’m coaching and heels for going out, church.  A third pair will be needed soon, runners for running.  I got new runners today, downtown at the Eaton Centre, and I scored a big discount.  They were already at 40% off and then I scored an additional 10% off because they were the last pair. 

I really wanted to buy a new collar for Balboa.  He’s been so good to me and I wanted to buy him a cool leather one with metal spikes on it.  I went on quite the hunt for such a collar, travelled all the way to Bloor West Village but had no such luck. 

I didn’t end up buying everything on my list, didn’t even buy half of the things.  Am still very careful with my money.  “Save it for a rainy day”, like my dad used to say.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

From a Low to High Kind of Day

Got some sad news today when I walked into the female-only fitness gym.
A life lost should be a life celebrated though so today the ladies trained extra hard and dedicated their workout to her, to Gwenlyn.  I put on some Korean beats for the lady and then I too went extra hard at training for her. 
Trained late into the evening, till closing time at System .
Had started the day on such a sad note but managed to end it on such a high. 

The Passing of a Sweet Lady... Thursday, September 22

One of my clients at the female-only fitness club passed just recently.  I got the word today. A note to our other clients was typed up and put into a display case for all to see but then we held back on putting it on the counter.

Would notifying the other ladies of her passing bring a big downer upon everyone?

Would not notifying the other ladies be disrespectful to those who knew her but didn't know and should perhaps know?

Eventually it was decided upon that the notice would be displayed, right at the front desk that's at the entrance way to the club.  Most members saw it as they signed in and made their comments.  Many shared with me and each other stories of this particular client, Gwenlyn, and paused to look at the notice one last time before turning to go gear up for training.  

I wasn't as familiar with her as I was with many of the others but I've only been coaching at this club for a few weeks.  She was a sweet lady, super active for a lady that was well into her 70's.  She might have actually been in her 80's come to think of it.  Regardless, she wasn't a young chicken but she definitely moved about the gym floor, working those machines and smiling away.  It was her daughter who called.  

A life is a life and it was sad to hear the news today.  I commend her for being so active in her senior years but I don't know how she passed.  I'm curious but I suppose it doesn't matter.  All that matters now is that her life's passing is respected and her life is celebrated and reflected on.  

Time isn't promised to anyone and today I really felt that burden.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Your Body Knows What Sometimes Your Head Hasn't Clued into Yet

 Wise words of advice.
So simple but oh so true.  Too many people don't listen to their body and sometimes I'm guilty of this
too, hence why I showed up at the doctor's office after a week and a half.

A Morning Full of Medical Testing... Wednesday, September 21

For the past week and a bit my lower left side has been really irritating me; it's been painful.  The worst it got was the other day when I was standing at the bus stop and I thought I was going to puke.  I felt so incredibly nauseous and thankfully one of my neighbors just so happened to be at the same bus station stop because she came to my aid.  I didn't puke but I definitely didn't feel good.  Now I'm no one to go to the doctor's just for anything nor do I take any kind of pain meds, not even so much as Advil or Asprin.  I wait it out and figure that there's nothing that a little of extra fluids and some rest and relaxation can't really take care of for me.  But this pain has been rather consistent for about a week and a half so I went to my doctor.  He booked me a vaginal ultrasound and bloodwork, two appointments.

I had those two appointments today -- 8:50am ultrasound, 10am bloodwork.

I had asked some of my friends about the ultrasound because I've never had one let alone a vaginal ultrasound.  They reassured me it wasn't painful but it'd be uncomfortable and extra uncomfortable for me considering I'm not down with people touching it and are super shy in that sense. 

The lady doing my ultrasound was a middle aged Ukrainian lady that tried to distract me by talking to me about the Polish festival and asking me questions about it.

Ultrasound done.

Next, bloodwork.

I was so nervous about the ultrasound appointment that I had peed before my appointment, meaning that she had a harder time getting a read off the scene and then I had return after my bloodwork appointment to try once more to pee in the cup.

The nurse had suggested I put the urine sample cup in my purse and return with it.  I laughed when she told me.  Turns out she wasn't joking though.  I returned an hour later to do it at the office.  Pee in my purse?! Umm, no thanks.

It'd be one thing if I could have gone home after both those appointments but I had a meeting downtown.  I thought it'd be a fast business meeting but he insisted we go to a coffee shop and chat about my business proposal as opposed to me simply handing over my rough draft. 

I sat for 40 minutes with whatever jelly I hadn't quite wiped off my body from my ultrasound and was overly distracted by it.  I knew I had some in my belly button so I tried to not sit up straight and let it touch my shirt.  I had just gone through a forty five minute appointment where a blonde lady squeeze cold jelly on me, placed a condom on a medical probe and then stuck that thing up my "secret girl part" while she tried to talk to me casually, as if that meter long stick wasn't where it was.  Okay, so it wasn't a meter long and it was more professionally done than how I described it but I still had the residue and some of the unwiped gel on my body and was expected to sit there drinking coffee casually.  Nothing was casual about how I felt.  I had been probed like an alien and wanted nothing more to go home, wash and scrub down every 2000 and 1 of my body parts.

Finally got to go home and shower.

Now the waiting game with getting the results.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Traded in a Two Legged Man for a Four Legged One

Balboa may very well be the perfect man.
For starters, he greets me at the door like I'm Christmas walking in
and he's always down for cuddling, no questions asked.
 He gives me my space but always is there for me and he so low maintenance.
 And the fact that he's as cute as a button and has a gorgeous face
with perfect eyebrows is a pure bonus.

Preparing to Drop the Bomb... Tuesday, September 20

Let it be known that I'm still technically with Snickers, legally that is.  The legalities of that relationship seems to be more of a handcuff than anything but Canada served as a means of freedom.  Freedom from the restrictions that came with being a Western woman married to a Korean man, a Korean man whose immediate family had labelled me as "not good enough" and the "forever outsider".  His extended family, like his aunts and grandma, approved of me however and I do miss them a lot.  I often regret not officially saying goodbye to his grandma, Granny Kim.  I love that woman.  She's like no other woman I've ever met in that country -- so strong, so independent, and so not the stereotypical norm for what it means to be a woman of her age and status.

But anyway, I'm rambling... sorry.

I came to Canada as a sponsored athlete, sponsored for a year.  It was the story I sold Korea to get my plane ticket out of that country.  But the plan was for me to return after one year.  My year ended this past August 5th.  I'm still here, obviously.

When I touched down on Canadian soil last year it was like that handcuff had been taken off my wrist and I was free.  For the first five months of living here I think I cried every day, tears of happiness and tears of just pure relief to be here.  To be so free, to be so safe. 

I traded in my boxing club and my success for my safety and sanity.

Snickers was the love of my life, don't forget that.  I loved him like none other but I don't think I ever want to fall in love like that again because I almost completely lost myself in that relationship.  We've been together for 7 years and it went from incredibly good to bad, to ugly, to downright embarrassingly ugly.  We chat often these days, on KakaoTalk. He'll ask about Canada, I answer.  I ask about the club, he answers.  And then when he asks when I'm coming back I dodge the question and either say I have to go or circle back around to that of the club.  There is no "couple talk" but about a month ago he asked me if I miss him.  Sure, I miss him but not the "him" he had become in my life.  I miss the man I married, not the person he had become.  He's a different person now and I don't know that version of him.  I don't know if I like that version of him but I don't really care to get to know him.  I'm just so done.  I was done two years ago.

I think he was done with me before I was done with him but we were done with each other for totally different reasons.  He scared me and I disappointed him.  I never gave in to the whole "settle down and have kids" idea his family anticipated me to adopt.

I thought I'd have everything figured out after my year here.  I figured I'd have stuff set up here for a whole new life I could start living but I haven't yet gotten there.  Canada works at a much slower pace than Korea and I feel there's a sensory overload of opportunities that overwhelm me and that I never anticipated.  The temptation to throw in the towel and just return to Korea is there every single day.  I met with a friend tonight, to talk about my Second Dream and me trying to "take on" Canada.  He told me "if you want to swim with the big fish you have to learn how to big fish swim".  I laughed at what his advice, it sounded silly, but it was pretty applicable.  Maybe I've been swimming wrong in Canada.  I can't swim here in the fashion that I did in Korea.  Sometimes it feels like I'm drowning here though, like I'm barely treading water.  "The struggles are a part of the story", is what I tell myself every time I feel like I'm drowning here.  The struggles are the sour to the story but they're also what makes the sweet taste sweeter so you need the sour to enjoy the sweet.  I could go on here with additional analogies and affirmations but I won't.

My sponsorship continues -- the money from Korea continues to be dropped into my bank account on the last day or two of the month.  Sometimes it's a day late but none the less it arrives.  I've started to prepare myself for the day that it stops.  I've got big plans for the day it stops and when I think of them I feel sick. 

Ten years ago my exfiance traveled to Korea to search me out, to get me to change my mind about our breakup, and I have a feeling that Snickers is going to do the same when "my plans" go down.  Until then I'm flying somewhat under the radar.  I've started to cover my tracks.  I've yet to drop the name of the female-only club where I coach part time because of this.

When my sponsorship ends, either I'm going to Korea to end things or he's going to show up here. I'm totally anticipating this to get ugly, to get real.  For now I feel we're both dancing around the inevitable, circling around what we both know is coming -- the "technical" end.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Proudly Team Blue

Missing one of my fighers but here's Team Blue, all gym nasty sweaty from kicking butt at training.
Perfect advice for my fighters. 
They're going to do awesome on fight day, I just know it.

First Official Team Training Together... Monday, September 19

It was the first official training session at the boxing club for Team Blue and my phone wasn't working so I couldn't take any pictures of videos, go figure.  Murphy's Law, totally. 

Usually I'm at Clancy's doing my own team training/core conditioning with Coach Rico and the crew that comes out so it was a bit sad to see them training without me.  I miss training with them but having them there is a bitter sweet situation because as much as I wish I was training with them it is pretty great to have them there to feed me their positive energy and awesome vibes.

The club manager had notified everyone on Friday of who was in what team; each team has seven fighters.  I'm very happy with our pickings and the results of the teams.  Each team needs work but the fact that each of these fighters has participated in this event previously definitely helps to set the stage.  They knew what they were getting into when they signed up so there's no surprises with how intense the training will get and with what's required of them.  Having said that though, it doesn't exactly mean that it's going to be any easier for them having had that previous experience.  Work is work and this experience will surely demand a lot of work on their behalf.  Juggling a full time job with the set training schedule is going to be quite the task and it's going to include a lack of sleep, sore muscles, and a will power that's going to be flexed and needing an extra push every single week.  I have faith in them though and that's what I'm here for, to help them any way I can.

For now, they're training four days a week with Clancy's Boxing -- 3 days at the boxing club and 1 day at Riverdale Park for hill training.  In two weeks we'll be kicking it up a few notches with the addition of weekly Saturday sparring to their training regimen.

Monday  8:30-9:30pm           - Boxing
Tuesday  6:30-7:30pm           - Hill training
Wednesday  8:30-9:30pm      - Boxing
Friday  8:30-9:30pm              - Boxing

Saturday (afternoon TBA)     - Sparring

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Stretched out Day of Polish Fun in the Sun

Checked out the Polish festival today; it was buzzing with Poles!!!
 Lots of games, rides, food, and live music for all to enjoy.
I was a huge fan of the corn.  Ate two actually, that is after I convinced
Polska B to ditch the funnel cakes and cheese.
Say what?!  Korean food at a Polish fest? But of course, because I'm here
and where ever I am K-Country seems to find me.
Found my way back to my gal pal for more Polish festival fun in the evening.
Love live music!
Am pretty sure this is a fire hazard and that Mr.Bartender man should be careful
of his eyebrows but regardless it was fun to watch.

A Long Day with the Poles... Sunday, September 18

What was supposed to be a simple stop by at the Polish festival turned into quite the full afternoon there.  It even carried well into the evening and, surprisingly enough, even the morning too, when the afternoon hours of fun in the sun with my gal pal Polska B just wasn’t sufficient time.  I had gone there right after church, to meet up with Polska B, so I showed up dressed up and hungry.
Side note here, when am I never hungry?!  Good point.
I’m convinced that since I’ve left Canada and been away, in those 11 years of me being MIA from all the festivities and holidays Canada started taking steroids – everything seems so extra pumped up, so exaggerated in size and intensity.  This weekend’s Polish festival was no exception to my point.
I was good with not indulging like crazy.  I didn’t indulge at all really, well at least not on typical Polish goodies.  I could have, would have and maybe should have but didn’t and I didn’t on account that my favourite Polish bakery is now at Tim Horton’s coffee shop.  It was like getting the wind knocked out of me when I headed towards what used to be my favourite Polish bakery – a bakery my parents and I used to eat paczki (Polish donuts), the bakery where Snickers ate his first Polish food item.  I wanted to snap a picture there and send it to him, remind him of summers past when it was him, me, my dad, and my mom all together.  Now it’s just my dad and I and not the Polish bakery isn’t there.
It was a rough reality check of how time changes things. 
After returning home only to leave and head to System for training, I then returned to the Polish festival for some of the night time fun with Polska B.  We had intended on hanging out at a local pub favourite of Polska B’s but when the music got cranked to the max and suddenly all (including staff) were well beyond one drink too many, we bailed.  Bailed and went to College Street, to a bar that’s so far from being anything Polish or even European.  We went to a Japanese bar where we both are familiar with the wait staff and management.  A trip downtown to that place turned into another visit to another place, this time it was me and two new friends.  Polska B went home but I had met friends and they lured me to go check out some live music.  I’m easily lured, it’s pretty bad, but I love live music and I love food so despite me needing a bit of a pull to the live music performance I will admit it was very easy for them to convince me to go out for something to eat afterward. 
My veggie omelette at 3:30 in the morning was accompanied by the strangest of strange stories from the waiter who had served me my food.  He told me how one of his customers had died on him right at the next table to us; wild story.  A earlier-than-early breakfast was then followed a walk-and-talk escort home. 
Got home at 5am. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy but Feeling Lazy too

Celebrate, celebrate... I reached 1000 followers on Instagram, very cool.
Okay, so maybe my numbers are low in comparison to other pro star people but that's okay.  They have their moments of excitement and I have mine, this was mine.
Definitely did this today.  Hello unexpected rest day.
 I'd like to add get a wickedly good massage from a strong man to this list.