As the story has it, I woke up and found myself on the very opposite side of the globe – the flipside. I arrived February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d simply do a year, then leave. Years later and I’m still here. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, group leader for my own girls-only fitness company, Flipside Fitness. And now I run my own boxing club, Korea's largest -- Hulk's Club!!!

Life on the flipside is nothing like I ever thought it would be…!!!


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sweet and Sweets

Picked up my shirt at the printers today for tomorrow's big event.
Team Dead Aim -- I bleed blue.  Don't you know it!!!
Also picked up this and more of "these" kinds of things.
Yes, that's right.  Gifts from clients of mine, aka carb temptations!
Carbs are a big no no for me on Keto but they're everywhere!!!

Switching the Overdose... Tuesday, November 29

Day two of going Keto – high fat, moderate protein, low carbs. I’ve been living on high protein for years, it definitely fuels my training, so making the adjustment to moderate protein is a bit rough. I’m the girl that eats about 60 eggs a week and hasn’t owned butter for over a decade and now they’re telling me to cut my protein consumption in half and go buy butter. This is more of a mental challenge than anything, to tell you the truth, and I feel like it’s making a mockery of everything I’ve been told, taught and heard about eating clean and getting lean. The whole “eat clean to get lean” has morphed into “eat dirty to get lean” because I still can’t wrap my head around the notion of eating foods I stayed far away from. I’m talking about foods like bacon, cheese and fatty meats. What was on the “do-not-eat” list before has now been pushed to the “do eat” list.  

Going to the grocery store tonight to stock my shopping cart full of fatty foods was such a trip – such a mental trip that is. I loaded up on a lot of dips, cheese and nuts. I bought butter… wow.  

I’m only on day two.

I’m loving the fact that I can now make cheese and peanut butter my new favourite food friends but I do miss my bananas and oatmeal. 

My macros on Keto:
5% carbs = 20g
20% protein = 80g
75% fat = 133g

This is a MASSIVE shift in my macros because when I was high protein, Paleo, I was 30% carbs, 50% protein and 20% fat. I don’t know what’s harder, digesting that I’m going from 50% protein to only 20% or from 20% fat to a crazy high 75%.

Today I ate the following…
my morning coffee = instant coffee grinds, coconut oil, hazelnut cream, and peanut butter
2 small coconut almond bites (I shouldn’t have eaten these… too much carbs!)
chicken breast chunks mixed together with raw spinach and gaucomole.
omelette = 3 whole eggs with spinach, broccoli, chili powder and soya sauce
1 caramel macchiato protein shake (after training)
5 spoonfuls of natural peanut butter

I feel like instead of overdosing on protein to build muscle I'm overdosing on fat to lose fat.  Sounds rather ironic but let's see if this works.  Today is day two.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Team Training One Last Night

A new week, a new Monday, and a new start to kicking your challenges and working
towards your goals, and today this fierce female jumped right on that.
After coaching my boot camp over at Riverdale, I returned home and had to change because I had to head out for more coaching but this time downtown.  My days have been non stop.  I finally was able to do laundry the other day but didn't quite have enough time to actually put it away.  Balboa seems to appreciate this though.
This past weekend there was a big fitness competition here in Toronto and calendars were handed out.  One of my coworkers at the women only gym I coach at was super sweet in grabbing an extra one for me -- thanks lady. 
 I was flipping through the calendar on route home today and who should I spot but one of my gal pals from System, awesome!  I gave a little scream and hopped in my seat at the sight of her.
In between rushing home from coaching and heading out for my training and then coaching Team Blue, I flopped down on my bed and Balboa leaned over me.  He licked my nose -- a little reminder to me to pause and savor these sweet moments in life.  Life has been happening a full speed lately.
 Spent some time this afternoon writing thank you cards to each of my Team Blue fighters and some other key people who have really assisted the team and me with preparing for fight night.
  Last official training session with Team Blue and they showed up super pumped and positive.
 Ended our last team training session with handing out my thank you cards.
With today being the last training session for Team Blue, I'll be saying hello to free nights and hello to more intense training for myself.  I've decided to pair this particular hello with saying hello to Keto.

Goodbyes Lead to New Hellos... Monday, November 28

Today I said goodbye to Team Blue and carbs…. Ya, let me elaborate on that.

With Wednesday being fight night for Agency Wars Alumni Thunder, tonight was their last team training session and tomorrow will be their pre-fight rest day. It was a bitter sweet situation, coaching them through their last training session, saying bye to them after and knowing that the next time I’ll be seeing them gear up for boxing will be to step into the ring. They’ve come such a long way and I don’t think they really understand the full extent of their progression; it’s amazing. They’ve changed a lot and I too have in so many ways. Perhaps I can’t fully comprehend the extent of my progression like they can’t.

As for me saying goodbye to carbs, I’ve gone Keto. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I already eat clean and I’ve mastered maintaining myself but I don’t want to maintain. I’ve never really wanted to maintain, I’ve wanted to lean out more, but the past 12 weeks have been all about Agency Wars. That’s been my priority so maintaining myself has really been my only fitness goal that I’ve been able to keep up with consequently. But now Agency Wars is almost over. In two days it’s over so I’ll be able to dive back into focusing on my own training and eating. I’ve never been one to wait on getting on something that my mind is preoccupied with though so I started to go keto today. Keto – the ketogenic diet – is a high fat, moderate protein, low card way of eating. [Enter my hate for saying “diet” here. I don’t support dieting, I support healthy eating.] Skittles suggested I do it, to help me switch up my clean eating, and I decided to try it out. I’m all about being a poster child for healthy living and fitness but I’m not interested in becoming the poster child for the word insanity. Part of challenging yourself to change yourself means getting out of your comfort zone. No more oatmeal and bananas for me. From here on out it’s going to be hello healthy fats. I’m already nuts about nuts but now my love for peanut butter is very fitting for this keto adventure, awesome.
I've gone keto.  I'll give it an honest month's try.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

An Amazingly Packed Day... Sunday, November 27

There's ALWAYS something special going on at my church but today we celebrated the church's 183th birthday so there was a special ceremony, equipped with choir performances, special dedications and even a dance performance!!!
 Since being in Canada for a bit over a year now, I've accumulated all these phones and even an iPad!  I should note that one phone is missing here -- an iPhone that I lost when I was racing off for my coaching course the other month.  I now have an iPhone 6 but still use my ghetto fabulous Blackberry for my Canadian number.
 Headed off to the Pacific Mall way north of the city.  Skittles took me and Balboa came for the shopping trip.  Tonight's shopping mission: covers for my new phone and new iPad.
Tonight I was treated to a special dinner out by someone incredibly special to me for something super special to me... a celebration meal for two. 
This is what happens when you sit down two athletes for a meal that would be the average person's feast.  We conquered and destroyed that meal, seriously!!!

Best Day of the Week, Hands Down... Sunday, November 27

It's official, Sunday is my favourite day of the week.
I kick my Sunday's off with a grueling hill workout at Riverdale, follow through with a beautiful service at my church.  Church is then followed by eating breakfast out and those who know me know how just how much of a lover of breakfast foods I am.  Breakfast out with beautiful company is then followed by a private training session with one of my fabulous female personal training clients at the female-only gym.  The gym is closed on Sundays so my client loves it because we get to blast her Arabic music.  After my PT coaching, I then have the rest of the day off to do whatever and to go wherever with whomever.
Today I went to Pacific Mall with Skittles and then headed out for a special celebratory dinner at a restaurant that has become one of my favourites.  I only go there once a month, it's a "C.C" thing... and if you don't know what "C.C." means, don't worry, I'll tell you on a later, more appropriate date.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

One Last Sparring Session

Standing ringside with us leaders of Team Blue -- our team manager, Clancy's head coach, and me.
 Team Blue warming up for their last day of sparring.
The next time they step into the ring to battle it out will be on fight night -- Wed., November 30th.

Almost at the Finish Line... Saturday, November 26

Last day of sparring for Team Blue which meant from here on out not only will they be going light with their training (fight day is Wednesday) but it also meant from here on out I’ll have my Saturdays back. It’s going to be weird, seriously, to have my evenings and Saturdays back. No more rushing from coaching downtown to coaching out in the east end, at Clancy’s. 

No more lugging around my body weight worth of training gear and clothes.

No more packing a day’s worth of food and eating on the go.

No more super tight, no-room-for-error schedule.

I have mastered my schedule, fitting in a billion things to do with commuting to each. I had even scheduled my meals too. It all fit together super snug, like one massive game of Tetrus. There was no room for me to be off. No room for a late bus, for sleeping in, for needing to do an extra load of laundry, and definitely no room to just sit back and relax. It’s been go, go, go since I started Agency Wars Alumni Thunder which means not only for the last ten weeks of training my team but also for the two weeks leading up to picking my team I’ve had quite the tight schedule. But it all ends this Wednesday when they step into the ring. It’ll be a bitter sweet moment of pride and excitement but also sadness because it’ll all be over. Racing off to coach Team Blue has become such a big part of my schedule so to have it come to an end is going to be super strange. What am I going to do with my Saturday afternoons, for example?! Oh right, I’ll probably fill it up with my own training.

Friday, November 25, 2016

A Busy Friday of Boxing

I surprised one of my boxers with writing her ring name on her new handwraps and she totally loved it.  She insisted she Snapchat it so I asked her if I could snap a pic of her snapping a pic... so funny.
This sounded like a good idea.
This smelt like a good idea.
But this was definitely not a good idea!!!
The programs for next Wednesday's much anticipated event have arrived.
 Team Blue all the way!!!  
Spent 7.5 hours here today, at the boxing club, and to think I didn't even get in a workout.
Today I played a minor role in a promo filming they hosted today and then I coached.
In between the filming and me coaching though, I got caught up on Flipside Fitness work.

I Should Have Known This was Bad... Friday, November 25

Note to self: never ever in a billion, trillion, zillion years is it ever a good idea to have a quad shot espresso, regardless of how much you ate, how tired you are or how addicted to coffee you may be. It's just NOT A GOOD IDEA, exclamation mark!!!
Today's schedule:
5am                     Wake up
6:10am12pm       Coaching at the female-only gym
1pm-2pm             PT boxing client
2pm                     Race off to Clancy's
3pm--10pm         Clancy's Boxing -- filming promo and coaching Team Blue
10:20pm              Late night dinner out
11:30pm              Arrive at home and continue Flipside Fitness PR work
I was up by 5am, out the door by about 5:45am and I didn't get home till after 11:30pm. Didn't go to bed till about 1am. It had been a 20 hour day -- a very long day -- so it was no surprise that I'd cash in another cup of coffee. What I didn't anticipate however was the havoc that one-too-many coffee would have on my body, yikes!!! "Have a quad shot espresso", the Starbucks dude told me when I sarcastically noted I needed jet fuel or something to launch me through the rest of my day. A quad shot, really?!?! That dude should be fired seriously becAuse anything I had eaten leading up to that quad shot and anything after just totally got pushed and flushed through my system. Skittles stepped up to be my hero today. I told I needed to eat something super heavy in carbs; my tummy was grumbling and groaning. He brought back pizza.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cabbagetown I Heart You!

Cabbagetown is changing.
There's a new condo being built down the street and today I watched as the construction workers adjusted an old house that they'll be moving out of the area.  I suspect another condo will be made in its place.
Even the surrounding area is changing.
This was the sight I arrived to on Monday when I arrived at what I thought was my printer's shop.
Turns out I had the last two numbers of the address wrong but talk about instant panic at the sight of this.
I'm changing too and soon I'll be moving out of Cabbagetown.  It's a bitter sweet move.
I'll miss the people I've met here, like this man walking his pups down the walkway.  He's one of my floor neighbours and those dogs, Dee and Yo, the big German Sheppard Dee is Balboa's crush. 
I may be moving out of Cabbagetown and it may be changing but I will always have much love for this place.  I was thinking about this today and then, when I went to grab a coffee at a local Starbucks, I saw this -- a stocking with my name on it up.  The stocking isn't actually for me, there's a worker I've yet to meet here that sports the same name, but I joked with them and told them I expect to return to it busting at the seems thanks to Santa.

Getting Ready for Bigger Things... Thursday, November 24

The countdown is officially on.  Unofficially disclosed to others beyond the immediate it involves.
There's a countdown for Florida and one for the Philippines so I guess I should correct the above sentence and write that the countdowns are officially on -- plural countdowns.  I could, I should, and I would but I won't.  I think it's safe to say the countdown for me heading out to the Philippines for training is the one everyone seems to be concerning themselves about.  I haven't even told my father or my business partner (Snickers) in Korea of the Philippines and, consequently, have decided that until I tell them both I'm not going to let it be known to others.  There's a lot of things to figure out before I release the news and have a zillion and one questions to answer that I can't answer because quite honestly I'm still trying to not only figure it out but digest the big jump I'm about to take. 
The other day I sat down and listed to a particular someone make phone calls regarding the Philippines.  The phone was then handed to me and the person on the other line asked me various questions about my boxing and training.  Right now, there are two main people working on getting me set up with training in the Philippines and they're looking to set me up at possibly two different locations, two different gyms.  One is at a higher altitude and I like the idea of the increase in intensity and different challenges it'll pose on my body with respect to breathing and whatnot. 
"This is really happening", I told myself. 
When I was first approached about this, it was just a light discussion but the phone call to the Philippines made it all seem so real.  I was asked if I was excited and I responded with the same answer I gave when asked about me moving back to Canada -- "I'm as excited as I am scared."

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Around Town with My Mini Man

 It's definitely winter now so me with my winter coat on and Balboa with his,
 we went to the Eaton Centre today to do errands.
...and then I got flowers.
Okay, so the flowers have nothing to do with my winter coat or the mall
but I did get flowers.  I've been getting a lot of flowers lately, almost weekly actually.

Happy Day to Me... Wednesday, November 23

I got flowers tonight, to mark a special day.

I'm not going to say who they're from or why the day was special.  Those who know know and those that don't, well, I guess they don't really need to know.  It's for me to know and others to guess, if they so please.

No drama and no reading in between the lines.  I'm happy and that's all you need to know.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Representing in the Great White North

 From Korea to Canada, from Grizzly Bere to Dead Aim...
Flipside Fitness has followed me.  It was the Flip in Korea and now it's the Flip in North.

Getting Ready for the Pop... Tuesday, November 22

I am the co-owner of Hulk’s Club in Korea and the CEO of Flipside Fitness. I originally had launched Flipside Fitness in Korea (The Flip in Korea) back in 2012 and it became so successful that the next logical step to take its success was to build its own training facility – Hulk’s Boxing, now known as Hulk’s Club. When we opened the door of Hulk’s, the next step was to fizzle out Flipside because now I had a full boxing club full of both male and female clients. They were my focus now, both the men and women at my club, and not just the women like before. 

Then, when I moved here to Canada, I was leaning on restarting Flipside Fitness, was hesitant about it, but that’s what I ended up doing. I launched Flipside Fitness here in Canada – The Flip in North. We’ve yet to do any kind of social events but I’ve been hosting boot camps in Riverdale Park and High Park. 

Now I want to take it to the next level, go beyond Flipside Fitness. I want to launch my Second Dream. Flipside Fitness is to my success here in Canada as it was in Korea – just a stepping stone, a leeway into the bigger picture at play in my head. I received some awesome rough draft work from an ad agency that’s been working to help brand my new company, my Second Dream, and it looked awesome. It was today's dose of inspiration. I'm super excited about it.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Pushing It to the Max

My current schedule on the left and my schedule as it soon will be come a week and a half.
 My second last Monday night of coaching here.  I'm still pushing them strong and they're still totally training strong.  Proud of them.

Winding Down... Monday, November 21

Woke up to the wind howling so loud outside my window and frowned at the thought of having to trek it over to Riverdale Park for my Flipside Fitness boot camp.  Today only one of my girls was signed up so I had anticipated turning it into a training session for me to also participate in.  I geared up and left my apartment but as the elevator reached the first floor in my building, I got a text message.  It was from my Flipside girl, asking me if training was still on despite the bad early morning weather.  I texted her back, “it’s your call”, and then she decided to call it off.  Headed back upstairs to my place and crawled back into bed. 

 In a little over a week my Team Blue will be stepping into the ring but with a little over a week of coaching them left and having had already coached them for 9 weeks, today’s unexpected training cancellation was a sweet surprise to my morning.  I haven’t had too many days where I can sleep in or have extra time on my hands.  Sleep is at a minimum, eating is at an all time high because of how much I’m juggling, and my training has become somewhat put on the backburner.  I’m not complaining, I signed up for this, but it’ll be nice to go back to being able to focus more so on my boxing.  I’m looking forward to resuming my Saturday afternoon training sessions at System, my Monday night training at Clancy’s with the fighters I’ve watched train for the couple of months as oppose to train with.  I miss training with them, I really do.  The busiest of my days start at 5am and end at 11:30pm but 11:30pm is only when I get home.  Of course there’s prepping food for the next day, trying to squeeze in laundry, walking Balboa, and then trying to wind down.  There’s been no wind down for me.  There’s been being on and being off – waking up and then passing out from exhaustion after a long, non-stop day.  I look forward to wind down time, some down time.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Staying Inspired, Focused and Determined

We all define ourselves differently and labelling myself as "average" or "normal" was never a goal
of mine.  I want to be so much more than I already am so to not pursue my potential
and aim to stretch it would be such a personal disappointment. 
My first reaction when I saw this particular quote was to laugh because back when I was creating Hulk's, eating physical food had gone from being a necessity to a luxury.  It was either feed my construction workers or feed myself.  I fed them and lived off whatever food and coffee friends brought.  I fed off the drive to make my dream come true.
Oh I'm going to get it.  Still dealing with a bit of sensory overload with how to go about it but it's definitely in the works and every day I'm closure than I was the day before.
This is going to happen... just waiting for the pop.

New News to Break Out... Sunday, November 20

I got asked today to go to the Philippines to train for my next fight. I said “yes”. And just like that I now have a whack of news to break to a whack of people, more specifically though my dad and Snickers.
Things to tell my dad in the next few weeks:
  1. I’m getting another tattoo.
  2. I'll be spending Christmas with family but not family he has yet met.
  3. I won’t be in Canada for Christmas; I’ll be in Florida.
  4. I have an overseas boxing bout I’m prepping for.
  5. I’m heading out to the Philippines in the new year so I can train for my upcoming fight.
Things to tell Snickers in the next few weeks:
  1. I’m getting another tattoo.
  2. I’ll be dropping by Korea soon to go over legalities of our “relationship”.
  3. I have another fight, it's in Korea but I'm not fighting under our Hulk’s Club name.
  4. I won’t be training at Hulk’s. I’ll be training at another club, including one in the Philippines.
  5. Balboa is going with me to the Philippines.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Night at the Live Boxing Bouts

Shout out here to all the ladies who get up every day and get dolled up.  This is exhausting.  I personally rather wake up every day and do burpees till I puke than have to go through the routine of doing a face full of makeup, my hair and then having to slip into a polished outfit with heels.
No thank you!
At the live fights with my first boxing coach e.v.e.r -- Egerton Marcus, Olympian silver medalist.
He was one of many names at my ringside table tonight.
Among the list of fighters fighting tonight, there were three fighters fighting out of Durham Region.
I was proud to cheer a particular fighter, Abokan, from Whitby and see him win.
 Motor City in Oshawa also had a fighter fighting tonight.  Props to him for his win.

The Bright Lights of the Hershey Centre... Saturday, November 19

Headed out to the Hershey Centre for a night of live pro fights and, like expected, I ran into a lot of big names and familiar faces. Many of Toronto’s boxing fans are familiar faces with me now so I always make an effort to add them to my mental list of people to say hi to and hug. They’re up there with my fellow pro fighters, club managers, coaches, promotors, officials, sponsors, and media people.  
Watching the live fights makes me itch to get to training, to get ready for a fight.

I got dolled up for the event – an exhausting procedure that always makes me grateful to have a career in a profession where leggings, sports bras and runners are the expected norm. As a pro fighter, no one really expects me to look good and by good I mean stylish and put together with hair done nicely and makeup on. It’d be weird if I was all put together. As a coach I have to look presentable but as a pro fighter I get away with sweaty clothes and messy hair; it’s awesome and it’s definitely a perk of the job. I’m expected to put all my effort into training not into my looks. But attending live fights, it’s a night out to get dolled up for. 

Toronto has a solid boxing community and I’m very proud to be a part of it.  
I love a good Saturday night of live fights but I don't think I'll ever get the honor of being able to fight here in Toronto with friends, family, fans and my fellow boxers cheering me on.  I always fight away from home. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

A Friday Night Toast

On Friday's I treat myself to a small whole wheat pita from Extreme Pita.
Jam packed inside this oh-so-delish pita is corn, chicken, spinach, jalapeno peppers,
red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a splash of sweet chili sauce.
 A round of Muscle Milk for everyone -- a perk from a sponsor for Agency Wars Alumni Thunder.
Cheers to the weekend!
 And a cheers to this -- I'm OFFICIALLY a licensed boxing coach here in Canada.

Trying to Get to Bed Early... Friday, November

I anticipated nothing more than being able to come home tonight and call it an early night.  I wanted to do nothing but rest and relax.  Skip the fuse of it being a Friday night and just do nothing.  I had been up since 5am, at the female-only gym at 6:10am and then I had gone full speed until I left training Team Blue at Clancy's which was close to 10pm. 

I wanted to finally get a solid night's sleep.

I got home at 10:30pm.  That's early for me but hardly early for the average person.

Home at 10:30pm but Balboa needed to go for a walk.  And what was supposed to be a short walk outside turned into quite the walk around the block and chat with a Cabbagetown cutie I know -- a friend from my summer days around the ghetto fabulous pool.  Ended up grabbing some pizza and freezing my Polish tush outside while my gal pal and I chatted.

Didn't officially get home till 11:10pm.

...and then company showed up.

"A" for effort but "F" for fail on trying to go to bed early.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Going Loud and Proud

My health has no day off so I don't either.
Am always striving to better myself whether that's with my health or with getting myself closer to achieving my Second Dream.  Every day I'm better than yesterday -- healthier and happier -- and that doesn't happen unless I continually work at it.
More ink for me?!  Yes please!
No, this isn't my arm but I'm loving the script font of this tattoo and am looking to get a similar font done for my next tat.

Decorating My Skin Some More... Thursday, November 17

It's been decided; I'm getting inked... again.  Going in to get more ink down with this particular tattoo being extra special to me because someone else, someone super special to me, is joining in on the ink and getting one done with me.

I'm getting a line from "All of Me", a song by John Legend.

I know the line and it's got it's overdose of meaning to me but now to figure out how exactly I want it punctuated. 

All your perfect imperfections.
All your perfect imperfections...
all your perfect imperfections
...all your perfect imperfections.
...all your perfect imperfections...

As for where, I'm getting it on the forearm on my left arm.  On the one side I have my personal life motto that I had used for Hulk's -- better than yesterday -- and then on the other side I'm going to write the one line from John Legend's song.  Plan is to get it done before Christmas but it's not definite yet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Christmas and Counting Down

The Toronto Christmas Market is days away from opening 
and today I got to see them working away at it.
I didn't actually get to enjoy the Christmas Market last year, I caught the last bit of it which meant I only saw the Christmas tree lit up.  This year I'm going to explore it to the fullest and enjoy it to the max.
Worked on Flipside Fitness and my business proposal at a coffee shop in the Distillery District which meant I had the marry-go-round peeking in the window at me.
 Skittles picked me up tonight and drove me to Clancy's for coaching.
He and Balboa have definitely bonded, so much so that Balboa 
snuggled up on Skittle's lap for the ride.
 With fight night for Agency Wars Alumni Thunder exactly two weeks away, tonight we went in early to meet up with the head official for Boxing Ontario and go over the scoring and details of fight night.
A budding bromance on Team Blue.
We tease these two fighters all the time about their bromance so it was only too funny to have the official call them out and ask them to participate in a demonstration.
Going over some game plans with Coach Rico; setting up tonight's training.